Centreon not updating

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The following example shows how to send a query, retrieve the answer and parse it into a Python table.

After installing check_mk you find this program in the directory #! SHUT_WR) # Now read the answer answer = s.recv(100000000) # Parse the answer into a table (a list of lists) table = [ line.split(';') for line in answer.split('\n')[:-1] ] print table LQL - pronounced "Liquel" as in "liquid" - is a simple language for telling Livestatus what data you want and how it should be formatted.

It sends all data is reads from stdin into the socket and writes all data coming from the socket to stdout.

The following command shows how to send a command to the socket and retrieve the answer - in this case a table of all of your hosts: [email protected]# echo 'GET hosts' | unixcat /var/lib/nagios/rw/live acknowledged;action_url;address;alias;check_command;check_period;checks_ena bled;contacts;in_check_period;in_notification_period;is_flapping;last_check ;last_state_change;name;notes;notes_url;notification_period;scheduled_downt ime_depth;state;total_services 0;/nagios/pnp/index.php?

Note: Since the My SQL service's control, logs and configuration file's location is different on the different operating systems, this article provides general command examples only.

Check the following articles for additional information regarding My SQL on different operating systems: [Linux] Local My SQL server for all databases [Windows] Local My SQL server for customers' databases [Windows] Local My SQL server for Plesk-related databases (psa, apsc, horde) For additional information check your operating system and My SQL documentation.

/usr/bin/python # # Sample program for accessing the Livestatus Module # from a python program socket_path = "/var/lib/nagios/rw/live" import socket s = socket.socket(socket. SOCK_STREAM) s.connect(socket_path) # Write command to socket s.send("GET hosts\n") # Important: Close sending direction. It does much the same as SQL but does it in another, simpler way.

Example: Retrieve all contacts: then no column headers will be output. The issue also can be caused by using network attached storage (NAS) and allocating Inno DB databases on it. Corrupted page writes can be caused by power failures or bad memory. If this is not the case, edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config on database server and add "Permit Root Login yes" Do you want continu ? How to make Nagvis working with Nagios collectors ? How to change sender in host-notify-by-sendmailhost and notify-by-sendmailservices commands ? Example of new backend in php : # cd /var/backup/XXXXXXXX_XXXXXX/ # rsync -ravcz centreon /etc # rsync -ravcz nagvis /etc # rsync -ravcz logos /usr/share/nagios/images/ # rsync -ravcz plugins /usr/lib/nagios/ # i386 arch or # rsync -ravcz plugins /usr/lib64/nagios/ # x86_64 arch # rsync -ravcz pages /var/www/dokuwiki/data/# cd /var/backup/XXXXXXXX_XXXXXX/databases # zcat centreon2/centreon2gz | mysql centreon2 # zcat centreon2_storage/centreon2_gz | mysql centreon2_storage # zcat nagios/gz | mysql nagios# system-config-distributed-monitoring Choose an action to do (addpoller or configdatabase):configdatabase Give me the IP address of database server : Give me the root password of database server : [INFO] You must enable root user to login by ssh to database server "" by ssh.

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