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I do not claim to give the best, the cheapest, or the kinkiest phonesex!

(I very much prefer to hear these comments from my customers when they email or phone me!

Karen offers incredibly popular phone sex numbers designed for callers from the US, Canada and the UK, whether you are new to phonesex or a regular caller.

We have been having discreet and cheap sex affairs by phone with discerning singles and couples since 1997!

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And at the end of each day, when I go over the names of the men and women who called us for sex, I am thrilled to see that 70 pc of you are regular customers!

When I look at some of those offers, I realize that I am not way off when I think of my service as the cheapest there is .

I have spoken to very pleasant women who were doing their best to please me using lots of moans and groans, imagining that this is what callers want, and I will never forget one specific woman who threatened to call my husband and tell him I was screwing around because I suggested from the sound of her voice that she did not seem to be 18 as she was telling me she was!

We have customers who first called when I started as a single one woman show and still call today, nearly two decades later!

We offer 6 different phone sex numbers in the US and in the UK dealing with all types phone sex fantasies.

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