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But, because I’m a traditionalist only up to a point, more often I’ve just riffed off of them, coming up with my own iterations, to my own taste.

Take my Spicy-Smoky East-West Black-Eyed Peas: these black-eyes, untraditionally, don’t have ham or bacon in them. A mixture of chipotle peppers and toasted sesame oil.

Which brings us to what may be the most powerful symbol of all: Like the circular wedding ring, roundness speaks of eternity, of the cycle of life, and how what goes around comes around.

And as good to eat as they are reputed to be lucky.

And I’m just going to say to , 2018: Please be more civil, kind, thoughtful, generous and more evenhanded with all of us. And I’d like to do this with a generous and joyful heart; because, call me crazy, but I think a heart that is more like that than like a piece of beef jerky makes me and everyone I come in contact with a little happier, and thus spreads the sense of luckiness at least a little farther.

And if you’re in contact with any upcoming years — particularly the next one — and these years happen to resemble you, would you mind taking them with you? I’m not going to reiterate all the reasons why you, 2017 — I’m going to be blunt here, and use the technical term — sucked. Please bring us more luck — I’m talking the good kind, brought to more people. And among my intended behaviors of civility, kindness, et al., will be this: to cook well, deliciously and healthfully, and to serve others what I cook.

Vegetarians and non-pork-eating populations spin off with other fat foods: butter or ghee, olive oil, coconut fat or fried foods in general.

Sweet foods: At the Jewish New Year, honeyed foods ensure a sweet year.

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