Consolidating two pdf files

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If you primarily interested in using the PDF files for viewing, we recommend downloading the HTML version of the e-Handbook (i.e., use the HTML files for viewing and reserve the PDF files when you want to print multiple pages).Please note that these pdf files are not updated as frequently as the html versions of the e-Handbook are.

NOTE: With the current version of Adobe Acrobat, the preservation of the links resulted in inconsistent results (i.e., some links worked, some did not).

That file will appear on your desktop when the program completes. At this time, we are not selling rights to the PDF consolidation software. Please download the Free Trial software to find out if you can use our software to consolidate multiple PDF files into one single PDF file on your Mac.

Please remember, this software is designed to run only on Mac OSX.

The links below allow complete Handbook chapters to be downloaded for easy printing or local electronic use.

Most hyperlinks within chapters are preserved as internal links in the consolidated files.

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