Dating during legal separation

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The court generally can't make such an order unless one of you files for divorce first, but the act of filing for divorce doesn't force either of you out, at least not by itself.Chances are, if you’re about to file for divorce, you’re pretty sure you want one.But before you sign the papers, take a deep breath.

If you’re sure you can’t save your marriage, it might be time to move forward.If you begin dating again or if you rediscover the joys of partying, don’t flaunt it.Be circumspect, avoid bringing your dates home at all costs, and don’t come in at late hours.If you work out an arrangement in which each of you takes responsibility for the kids during certain days and hours, it serves a three-way purpose.It will gently accustom your children to the new reality that mom and dad are going their separate ways.

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