Holy marriage and dating who is seal dating

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They don’t want to surrender their lives to God as a living sacrifice.

They don’t trust that God cares for them and wants the best for them.

Radical honesty, however, about such matters is vital.

True love cannot afford to be sentimental about such things. I usually have two pieces of advice for those who are seeking an Orthodox Christian spouse.

In the secular west coast of Canada, Christians of any description are a distinct (and to some degree an embattled) minority, which makes devout Orthodox Christians even scarcer here.

They perhaps do not really believe in God at all, not practically, not in the God Who loves us so much that He became one of us.

Too many Orthodox young people spend a good deal of their life pursuing their own agendas, their own goals, and seeking their own happiness. Sure, they believe in God in an abstract sense: a God far away, a God Whom they can ignore much of the time. Will they entrust their life to the One who loves them most?

As for my advice in guiding someone seeking to date a non-Orthodox person, heterodox Christian, or non-Christian, my advice is much the same and consists mainly in addressing these questions: Can you live with spiritual disunity in your family?

Is your non-believing partner supportive of you practicing your faith?

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