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Add to that the fact that at any point, the Iranian Government might fall apart, and I might never be able to go back.

If there was another revolution or the proverbial hit the fan, that would be it.

Boris’ astonishingly ignorant remarks threw Nazanin’s case – a clear miscarriage of justice – into the spotlight and galvanised the British Press.

Or been to Iran and seen how beautiful it is, and how wonderful the people are.

And then they would understand why Nazanin felt like taking her beautiful little girl to visit her parents in the country of her birth was an absolute right. She should have been able to take her baby to spend time with her grandparents and return home to London two weeks later as planned, to be reunited with her husband and get on with her life.

Nowadays I can see my family on Instagram, we can video chat on Whats App and stalk each other on Facebook, chat on Messenger and i Chat. Because of my job, I will likely never see my cousins, meet their husbands and wives, hold their children or hug them close to me ever again.

Every time I have lost an aunt, uncle, grandparent, I have been thousands of miles away, unable to share the mourning or the rituals we all go through when grieving – the funeral, the reminiscing, the physical comfort of a hug.

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