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This is a health code violation and if I find out the courtesy clerks followed her orders and placed these used trash cans on the shelves to be sold, I will be reporting this incident to the Health Department.Because of the drug users coming into the store, there should not be an open food bar.

her name is lisa, i just recently started paying my bills there, today iwalked in at about 10 am oct 6 2017 there they usually dont have a person at the counter for customer ser.This store is in a high-crime drug area and should have armed security.The casinos have armed security, why not supermarkets?The managers in charge of the night crew are not doing their jobs to make sure the carts are being cleared, which doubles the workload for the next shift. Shame on Shasta for taking her frustrations out on courtesy clerks. Veterans especially who fought for our country should not be treated with disrespect. I thought Albertsons treats all customers and employees with respect?Courtesy clerks should not be yelled at to clear the parking lot of carts as soon as they arrive at work, when the blame lies on the courtesy clerks before them who did not do their jobs. I am shocked to have witnessed this unprofessional behavior from a Store Director.

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