Mtv true life dating someone older

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These are individuals who are prestigious and willing to help others find success as well....

[tags: Role Model Essays] - Ever since I was in eighth grade, I have been obsessed with Taylor Swift. When you look at most singers today, they have to be singing about drugs or alcohol, using vulgar language, or performing half-dressed.

In addition, there are several characteristics a role model should possess, such as: Moral, confidence, hardworking, respectful, optimistic and creative (Freddie, 2014).

Also, when things don't go as planned, the society has someone to count on to help them. For example, Odyssey went out to fight the Trojan War for twenty years.... He had just scored one of the coolest goals of his career.When I hear it a string of actors, musicians, athletes and, celebrities appear in my head. What happened to the days when you could ask a child who their role model was and they would answer, “My mommy” or “My daddy”.Is this the way kids today have been brainwashed by the T. Our society needs to think about the true role models and not the bad examples.[tags: Gender Studies] - For hundreds of years, Western Civilization has flourished and become very dominate with stable and powerful nations.Reasons why the Western Civilization have become such great nations has been much attributed to the great role model, ancient Greeks for their many contributions, such as architecture, fine arts, education, philosophy, and mostly for their form of democracy and ways of government.

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