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A man has been found dead, bound by duct tape and wrapped in a blanket, in the same home where 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky was found dead in 2011.

The deceased man is believed to be Tzvi Aron, the brother of Kletzky's killer, Levi Aron.

“That the request for an apology by Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan came from Turkey’s Ambassador to Washington rather than through Erdogan himself was a big surprise to us,” the Israeli officials remarked.

Erdogan, who initially threatened to attach an escort of Turkish warships to accompany the Gaza-bound Rachel Corrie Ship, never made good on his threat.

Markle’s father is Irish and her mother is African-American.

She wrote an essay for Elle magazine in 2015 about her identity (it was subsequently published in Elle UK, one of the publications that has misstated her Jewish identity).

When he realized people were looking for the boy, he drugged, suffocated and dismembered Kletzky Levi abducted the boy last July as he walked home from day camp.

“[Markle’s Jewishness] is merely conjecture on the part of other people,” Jeffery said.

A source who works with Markle also confirmed on Wednesday that she is not Jewish.

The street around the house was blocked off for much of the afternoon Friday while police investigated.

Some of the remains of Leiby Kletzky were found in the same house after Levi Aron kidnapped, murdered and dismembered the 8-year-old six years ago.

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