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Mobile phones are a relatively modern invention but are already something we as a nation rely on, with 93% of British adults owning or using a mobile phone.* Phones fall into two types: feature phones and smartphones.

Feature phones are great if you just want something very basic to make calls and texts. Their ability to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or mobile data (3G or 4G), means you can do a lot more – such as check email, make video calls and browse the web.

As long as your smartphone is connected to the internet, you can access email on-the-go.

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Free mobile phone apps like Skype use your smartphone’s front-facing camera to film you during the call, so the person you are calling can see your face and you can see their.Read more in our article: How to use the BT Wi-Fi app to connect to hotspots If you’d been told 20 years ago that we’d all have the capability to talk to and see someone in Australia using a device that fits into a hand you’d have laughed it off.But with a smartphone and the internet, it’s possible.The biggest advantage of having a phone is to be able to connect with others.Although they can be used to play games, take photos and watch video, the most popular use for a smartphone for ages 16-75 is still communication.** Discover how you can keep connected using your mobile phone.

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