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Another common story is that the man went with many other women or left his wife when she was pregnant.

In Thailand, white skin is considered as more beautiful than dark skin. Another reason is that Western people are rich in the eyes of Thai women, because a plane ticket from most western countries to Thailand cost 3 average monthly salaries to them and a western salary of a construction worker in the Europe is twice as high as the salary of a Thai manager.

It are especially the tourist areas that attract thousands of Thai women who are going with a Western man for financial reasons, most often to provide money for their family.

Mostly this Thai women will not feel any love and will look for someone else once their ‘boyfriend’ departs.

Money is almost always a subject, but in most cases not the most important one.

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Furthermore Thailand is a beautiful country with a romantic atmosphere.

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Thai women are popular with Western men and vice versa.

Between the Thai women it is truly possible to find a good partner for a long term relationship, but you have to know where to find her and what her intention is.

There are many Thai women really looking for a western man for different reasons.

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