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Even the first time you watch you know that Han can pull it off.

But, despite deeply believing that Han will make it through, is C3PO's analysis wrong? C3PO isn't wrong, he's just forgetting to add essential information to his calculation.

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We can assume then that he has actual data to back up his claim of "The only outcomes that C3PO is considering are successfully navigating the asteroid field or not.

The ever knowledgeable C3PO informs Solo that probability is not on his side: C3PO: Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1! Here's the scene for those who haven't seen it or may have forgotten.

Superficially this is just a fun movie dismissing "boring" data analysis, but there's actually an interesting dilemma here.

After all, Jim Berger says that prior elicitation typically takes place “the expert has already seen the data” (2006, p. Do they instruct them to try not to take the data into account? See full list of participants, talks and sponsors here.

Anyway, if the prior is determined post-data, then one wonders how it can be seen to reflect information distinct from the data under analysis. [ii] Senn and I had a published exchange on his paper that was based on my “deconstruction” of him on this blog, followed by his response! “The Case for Objective Bayesian Analysis.” Great picture of Mayo, brocade jacket, smiling on pink couch in Thebes living room, bookshelves in background.

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