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We have also included new optimizations for recording at high resolutions such as 1920x1080 (1080P).

Performance gains should be seen in most Open GL and Direct X games with Fraps 3.4.

Fraps 3.5 adds the much requested feature to allow AVI movie files larger than 4 gigabytes.If you play your Direct X9 (D3D9) game with 3D Vision enabled you can use Fraps to record the game in full 3D too!You'll get a side-by-side stereo AVI recording that you can drop straight in to a stereoscopic 3D player!We are also aware that quite a few people with Intel i5/i7 configurations were having difficulty loading Fraps on Windows 7. Fraps 3.1.2 - 4th Mar 2010 - Fixed STALKER: Call of Pripyat not loading with Fraps running - Fixed slow recording speeds for some users in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Fixed Guild Wars crashing when moving between zones - Fixed videos being recorded at double width on some nvidia configurations - Fixed colors being inverted in video captured from some DX10 games - Fixed multiple FRAPS32.DLL crashes Fraps 3.1.1 - 11th Feb 2010 - Fixed detection of loading screens when recording with unlocked framerate - Added product information to installer Fraps 3.1.0 - 8th Feb 2010 - Added option to capture videos with framerate locked or unlocked - Fixed startup crash for some Intel i5/i7 configurations under Windows 7 - Minimum recording speed is now 1 fps to allow for time lapse recording - Fixed vista desktop recording not capturing mouse cursor - Fixed sound length for Vista/Win7 recordings - Added large address support to 32-bit codec - Fixed window starting off screen on some multi-monitor systems New features and a new look!

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