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According to a February 2016 article, the last anyone knew, Sprouse reportedly was dating Bree Morgan.

Apparently, they met at New York University in 2013 and it's unclear if they are still together.

premieres in just a few weeks, and fans are buzzing with excitement.

Specifically, there are three things they need to know ASAP: (1) Who killed Archie's father? and (3) For the love of God, are Cole Sprouse (Jughead) and Lili Reinhart (Betty) dating?

Rumors that Sprouse and Reinhart are in a relationship started circulating over the summer, but nothing's been confirmed yet.

As Reinhart told Too Fab in early March about Betty and Jughead's kiss, "Cole and I have always been pretty close on set so I think we were just excited for our characters and excited for people to see it happen."Furthermore, based on photos she has shared on Instagram, it appears they get along really well. "He dumped me on my birthday," Alyson griped, then called him out directly. We were maybe 11." Eleven and in love with a Sprouse twin. Anyway, the young couple flamed out when Cole did a terrible thing. Dylan Sprouse from Disney Channel's Frazer is a model for Freedom Models and a lifestyle blogger who writes about beauty, veganism, and more.She double-majored in political science and history at a college in Connecticut and moved to New York City, where she initially worked as an assistant attorney recruiter at a law firm.

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